Cost Savings, Reliability, and Versatility for Your Critical Dust Barriers  

Simply purchase our low-cost peel & stick Mounting Strips™ to reuse your RE-U-ZIP Dust Barrier Zipper or Magnetic Entry Strips™ multiple times.  100% high-grade adhesive coverage on our Mounting Strips™ greatly reduces the risk of unwanted detachment from your containment. The environmental effects of solid waste produced are nearly half that of disposable dust barrier zipper options. 

Our Hook & Loop Fastener Strips provide for easy attachment of your barrier panels or plastic sheeting, a strong and reliable hold, and the ability to work around irregular or challenging architecture.  They also eliminate the need for unsightly dust barrier tension poles on projects where aesthetics are an important consideration. (Our products can be used along with tension poles when desired) Our Hook & Loop Fastener Strips also provide for easy adjustment, reuse, or replacement of your barrier panels when needed. 

Conveniently hold open your dust barrier door utilizing our reliable Fastener Tabs™. Use for easier wheelchair access or passage of instrument carts.  For wider access, consider using them with our Magnetic Flap Door or Zipper Roll-Up Door setup.

Other popular items in this collection include RE-U-ZIP Cable Locks for use with RE-U-ZIP Dust Barrier Zippers to deter unwanted entry, 6 mil poly sheeting, Ultra-Clear Fire-Rated Barrier Panels, and poly barrier tape. More innovative accessories to optimize your dust barrier containments coming soon!