Enclosing Open Spaces

Enclosing Open Spaces


Utilizing an innovative hook-and-loop system, our self-closing Magnetic Entry Strips, lockable Dust Barrier Zippers, and crystal clear Barrier Panels address the unique challenges of your architecture and allow you to adapt to your environment quickly, effectively, conveniently, and affordably.





Our system allows you to customize barriers for your desired level of visibility and shape them to work around irregular, challenging architecture prior to creating the opening style of your choice (zipper or magnetic).


Our Magnetic Entry Strip™ is a hands-free, self-closing barrier entry option.  Its development couldn’t have come at a more needed time and is currently being utilized in schools, dental offices, retirement homes, production studios, and hospitals to provide safeguards against COVID-19.


RE-U-ZIP Magnetic Entry Strips offer a high level of negative air resistance (Over 5 Pa), providing a breakthrough solution for healthcare facility isolation rooms.


Interchangeability of the zipper and magnetic strips gives you the flexibility to adapt to your environment. For example, you may choose to secure the containment with the lockable zipper during an intermittent sanitization procedure before seamlessly reverting to the hands-free magnetic option.


Using two Magnetic Strips allows you to create a foldable flap door that provides easy access for the disabled in wheelchairs as well as the passage of hospital beds, heavy equipment, and more. 


Our +Barrier Panels are crystal clear, made of durable 16 mil vinyl, and are fire-rated.  This unique combination allows for the creation of containments that keep us separate enough to be safe, but provide the desired visibility to still feel connected with others.


The reusability of RE-U-ZIP Dust Barrier Zippers, Magnetic Strips, and Barrier Panels allow you to change out your barrier sheeting as desired and reduce your ongoing maintenance costs.   


Paving a Path to Recovery 

During this time, we need systems that are flexible, efficient, reliable, adaptable, cost-effective, and user-friendly. We are looking for strategic partners in various industries in order to contribute as much as we can towards paving a graceful path to recovery.  Please reach out to us at info@reuzip.com if you wish to collaborate. Thank you.