Self-Closing Barrier Setup for Dental Office



❌ Open Concept Architecture

❌ Zippers Are Inconvenient and Increase Touch-Points

❌One-Size-Fit-All Magnetic Doors Are Costly with Limiting Size-Constraints

❌While Utilizing Negative Air-Pressure, Conventional Magnetic Door Enclosures Do Not Maintain a Proper Seal


✅Create a Self-Closing Entry Way in a Custom-Sized Barrier 

✅Choose Clear or Opaque Barrier Sheeting for Desired Levels of Visibility

✅Accommodate Wheel Chair Access (Using Two +Magnetic Strips Creates a Magnetic Fold-Up Door)

✅Outfit Your Entire Office at Only $65 per Room (plus the cost of barrier materials)

✅Maintain a Proper Seal Under Negative-Air Pressure 

✅Easily Install, Adjust, Remove and Reuse the Magnetic Entry Strip When Switching Out Barrier Materials



1)  You will need one +Magnetic Entry Strip ($65) per room you would like to enclose.  (If you wish to create the "Flap Door Setup" for wheelchair access you will need 2 +Magnetic Entry Strips™ per room and a set of  Fastener Tabs.


2)  You will need rolls of Semi-Clear Poly Sheeting to create your barrier. 1 roll will cover approximately 3 medium to large doors. Our roll dimensions are 10ft x 25ft in. (Alternatively, several dental practices have opted for a fully-clear vinyl sheeting with 8-20 mil thickness.  (This type of vinyl sheeting can be found on Amazon or local fabric or hardwares stores like Home Depot). 

Clear Magnetic Door

3)  You will need a roll or more of our Poly Barrier Tape depending on the length of the perimeter you wish to frame and number of rooms you are enclosing.  Our rolls are 2" x 60 yds.  




Dental Office Self-Closing Guide

1) Cut poly sheeting to the desired size.

2) Depending on your surface material you may need to frame your entryway using masking or poly tape to create a smooth under-layer or simply for the purposes of creating a protective layer.  Please note that long term use of any tape may create paint damage upon removal.  

3) Attach your barrier to masking tape or poly tape framing by applying poly tape over the border of your barrier such that it hangs half-way over the barrier’s edge as shown in diagram above. (In may cases you may be able to skip the underlay and attached barrier directly to your wall.)

4) Once your barrier is ready you simply apply our product to create your self closing opening! (You should use a utility knife to cut the mounting strip properly)  Simple installation videos are located below:


+Magnetic Entry Strip Instructional Guide


Fold-Up +Magnetic Flap Door Installation Guide


Other Helpful Tips:

  • To ensure proper function of entry strip make sure plastic sheeting is fashioned to frame without slack so that there is not an overhang of sheeting or magnetic strip onto your floor. 
  • Attaching +Magnetic Strip columns closer to the inner edges of the cut mounting strip ensures a stronger closing function. 
  • For safety consider clear or highly translucent sheeting.
  • Make sure you cut the mounting strip prior to installing the +Magnetic Entry Strip to it.
  • **Suggested Purchase for Long Term use of Barrier:
    Use a staple gun to secure your barrier to the frame you will have created. (SEE INSTALL GUIDE BELOW)  This will keep the barrier from sagging or slipping over long-term use.

    Staple Gun - Purchase on Amazon - Click Here


Feel free to reach out to us at if you need to speak to      someone via phone for further assistance. We are here to help you get back to business!


*RE-U-ZIP LLC products are not specifically designed or tested for COVID-19 protection. We make no claims that our products are approved for COVID-19 protection either directly or indirectly.  Please consult your local authorities for guidelines and ordinances for the implementation of containment barriers.  Building and Safety codes should be considered as well when sourcing materials for your barriers.  Please consider that these products used in conjunction with other devices may assist in some countermeasures to limit exposure to airborne particles but does not guarantee full protection of any kind.  We are not responsible for any liability that the customer’s specific use may create in these regards.