Healthcare | Covid-19 Counter-Measures



We wish do do our part to help with the nationwide efforts to contain the spread of Coronavirus.  The development of the RE-U-ZIP +Magnetic Entry Strip™ could not have come in a more timely manner.   It has proven useful for the quick and easy creation of isolation rooms and has been utilized a top hospitals across the country.
Our magnetic entry strip creates a self-closing entryway in any containment barrier in just a few minutes, provides greater closure speed, less hassle due to hands-free opening, and reduces touchpoints. Notably, the RE-U-ZIP +Magnetic holds between 5-7 pascals of negative-air pressure providing un precedented value to the setup of effective containments.
For example, a level 1 trauma center in the U.S., is currently using our products to turn an entire wing of patient rooms into isolation rooms.  This hospital has narrow hallways where a standard decontamination chamber setup is not viable. Additionally, they found that when running negative-air using conventional zippers, they could not maintain proper air-exchange levels due to the zippers being left open for too long by staff. Their facilities managers used our magnetic entry strips to create simple self-closing barrier in front of each existing patient room door.  Our hands-free alternative immediately and effectively solved their air-exchange issue despite the constraints they were facing.
Other major hospitals are using two RE-U-ZIP +Magnetic’s side-by-side to create a flap door that is self -sealing and has the ability to fold up.  This creates space for a hospital bed to roll through without the fear of infected patients touching the plastic barrier.
Given Covid-19’s impact on healthcare system,  we believe our product will allow facilities around the country to contain the spread within their own buildings and provide better safety for their staff and patients in a simple and cost-effective manner. Frontliner's and their supporters, thank you for your time and efforts.  Let's work together to create a graceful path through this difficult time.

*RE-U-ZIP LLC products are not specifically designed or tested for COVID-19 protection. We make no claims that our products are approved for COVID-19 protection either directly or indirectly.  Please consult your local authorities for guidelines and ordinances for the implementation of containment barriers.  Building and Safety codes should be considered as well when sourcing materials for your barriers.  Please consider that these products used in conjunction with other devices may assist in some countermeasures to limit exposure to airborne particles but does not guarantee full protection of any kind.  We are not responsible for any liability that the customer’s specific use may create in these regards.