Hospital Dust Barrier Systems

Construction and remodeling projects create a unique need to contain dust and debris to a certain spot. Just like a construction project in any other industry, there will be a large amount of dust and debris that is created. This comes from cutting concrete, taking out floors, knocking down drywall, and much more. In a hospital, the spread of that dust has the potential to bring harm to a large number of patients, which could be deadly.  

RE-U-ZIP offers high-quality and reliable dust protection solutions to protect patients and keep dust from spreading. We have hospital dust barrier systems for various sized projects and accessories to make using the system easier. Along with the system, we offer zip ties, locks, and mounting strips. The dust barrier systems work by placing them around the perimeter of the project site—mounting them in doorways, hallways, and over vents helps limit the spread of dust. If you are looking for a component to easily open and close the dust barrier system, we recommend using a magnetic strip. This is a self-closing strip that opens and closes easily while keeping the area secure. If you are more focused on keeping the barrier closed while your team isn’t working, we recommend the zipper option. These zippers are cost effective, costing $3.50 per use. They are easy to install, which lets your team focus on the construction project at hand. Additionally, the zipper option makes it possible to lock the barrier closed. Simply use a zip tie or small lock and hook through the zipper and hole near the side.  

The hospital dust barrier systems go up and come down quickly, helping to save your team time and energy. If you work on a variety of construction projects throughout the year, we recommend investing in a reusable barrier system. Each of our products consists of high-quality materials, ensuring that your product will be able to hold up during the duration of your remodel.  

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