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Break the Mold with RE-U-ZIP

The RE-U-ZIP system provides unique containment solutions that redefine containment techniques for the mold, water, and fire damage restoration and remediation industries. Contractors can expect to save a considerable amount of time and money with RE-U-ZIP.

Game-Changing Dust Barrier Entry System 

Utilizing an innovative hook & loop design, our self-closing Magnetic Entry Strips™ can seamlessly interchange with our lockable and Reusable Dust Barrier Zippers, depending on the evolving needs of your project. These patented new products empower contractors with a high level of reliability, versatility, functionality, and efficiency unmatched by other dust barrier entry systems. 

RE-U-ZIP Magnetic Entry Strip™ enables you to create a self-closing opening in any size, shape, or material barrier of your choosing, providing versatility and customization not possible with any other hands-free entry system.  

Disruptive for this industry, the Magnetic Entry Strip holds over 5 pa of negative-air pressure, making it a breakthrough solution for those who desire a hands-free barrier entry solution where zippered solutions were considered the only viable option for critical barriers. (See Magnetic Entry Strip)

RE-U-ZIP Reusable Dust Barrier Zippers eliminate all significant pain points commonly experienced with disposable dust barrier zippers. Our 7-gauge zipper provides a high level of break-resistance, and the 100% high-grade adhesive coverage dramatically improves reliability and reduces the risk of unwanted detachment from your containment.  

Are you tired of throwing away your zipper at the end of your project? Utilizing our hook & loop design, you can now easily attach, adjust, remove, and reuse your dust barrier zipper at a fraction of the cost of disposable zippers! Additionally, the environmental effects of solid waste produced by our system are nearly half that of disposable dust barrier zippers.

Lockout / Tagout 

The RE-U-ZIP's dust barrier zipper's unique lockable design reduces the potential for liability and job site tampering, increases efficiency, and allows for a chain-of-custody. 

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