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RE-U-ZIP™ Reusable Magnetic Entry Strip

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Create a hands-free, self-closing opening in the plastic barrier of your choice!

RE-U-ZIP™ Reusable Magnetic Entry Strip  


✅ Designed for Critical Barriers
✅ Reliably Holds Over 5 Pa of Air Pressure!
✅ Customize Door Size and Barrier Material
✅ No Poles or Special Tools Required
✅ Low Cost vs. Pre-Fab Magnetic Doors
✅ Easily Handles High Traffic
✅ Compact Design For Easy Storage
✅ Interchanges with RE-U-ZIP™ Dust Barrier Zippers

SAVE TIME AND MONEY In addition to increased job site efficiency, the RE-U-ZIP™ Magnetic Entry Strip's upfront cost and setup time are significantly lower than that of traditional pre-fabricated door kits. Utilizing RE-U-ZIP's low-cost Mounting Strips™, the Magnetic Entry Strip™ continues to increase project efficiency from one job site to the next.


QUICK AND EASY Setup only takes minutes. Peel and stick one of the included Mounting Strips™ to your plastic barrier, cut down its center to create your opening, affix the Magnetic Dust Barrier Entry Strip™ to the Mounting Strip™, and you are ready to go! It's that simple. (see installation video below)


NO MORE LIMITS  Unlike other self-closing dust barrier products that have a fixed barrier size and material, the Magnetic Dust Barrier Entry Strip™ lets you create a hands-free, self-closing opening in the plastic barrier of your choice! You can now create a fully customized, self-closing magnetic door that fits the unique needs of your project. 


NEGATIVE-AIR PRESSURE With the RE-U-ZIP™ Magnetic Entry Strip's ability to maintain a reliable seal over 5 Pa of air pressure, it is the more desirable new standard for contractors desiring a self-closing entry option for critical dust barriers. 

Start enjoying increased project efficiency with the convenience of hands-free job site access today! 

1 x Magnetic Entry Strip (Dimensions: 80" x 2.25")
4 x Mounting Strips
1 x Magnetic Entry Strip Carry Bag


100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

We are so confident you will never return to your old dust barrier zipper that we offer a 90-day money-back guarantee.

RE-U-ZIP™ Reusable Magnetic Entry Strip| Installation


Create a Magnetic Flap Door 

Using two RE-U-ZIP™ Magnetic Entry Strips side-by-side allows for the execution of a custom-sized magnetic flap door! Enjoy the benefits of self-closing dust barrier entry with the ability to customize passageways for ease of large equipment access in and out of your job site.

Cut-To-Size, RE-U-ZIP™ Magnetic Flap Door Kits are also available for purchase.