RE-U-ZIP Magnetic Entry Strip as Seen on Grey's Anatomy

RE-U-ZIP Magnetic Entry Strip Featured on Grey's Anatomy Season 17


"Part of realistically bringing COVID-19 to life on Grey’s Anatomy requires mimicking many of the practices that real medical professionals have exacted over the past few months..."  -Esquire Magazine


RE-U-ZIP Magnetic Entry Strip


No Poles Required | Self-Closing
Break-through Solution for Healthcare ISO Rooms 
No Barrier Size Constraints | Neg-Air Resistant (5 Pa+)



The New Season of Grey's Anatomy features the cast battling with the Covid-19 pandemic. The RE-U-ZIP +Magnetic Entry Strip™ is used in their negative-air Covid isolation rooms, allowing for convenient entry of staff and the passage of hospital beds. 


Though this is a television series, it demonstrates the demand for RE-U-ZIP's self-closing, negative-air resistant entry solution in the healthcare sector.  This demand is mirrored by the +Magnetic Entry Strip's use in real-life healthcare facilities.   Top clinics such as Cedars Sinai, Orlando Regional Medical Center, VA facilities, U.S. Army, Navy, U.S. Coast Guard, and U.S. Airforce locations are quickly adopting this new technology.  


We are proud to be of service in this way and, together with your help, we hope to reach many more facilities to make the most impact we can in this fight against Covid-19.  Please share our solutions with any medical or healthcare construction professionals that you believe would benefit.Thank you for your continued support and stay safe out there!  


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