RE-U-ZIP Industries & Applications

RE-U-ZIP Industries & Applications


RE-U-ZIP’s® innovative dust barrier solutions are rapidly being adopted as the new standard for professional contractors due to their unparalleled versatility, cost-efficiency, reliability, and functionality.  

RE-U-ZIP is used in many facets of the construction industry, including remodeling, renovation, restoration, painting, drywall and flooring jobs, demolition, concrete cutting, sanding, and more.  

Industry leaders working in critical environments such as healthcare construction, abatement, mold remediation, and flood restoration have turned to RE-U-ZIP for reliable one-of-a-kind containment solutions. RE-U-ZIP solutions have are utilized in military and government buildings, film and television studios, agricultural facilities, healthcare facilities, hospitality and retail spaces, manufacturing, educational establishments, transportation, single-family homes, and multi-family apartment complexes. 

Where will you use RE-U-ZIP?