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Ultra-Clear Magnetic Door Kit

A Helping Hand for Facilities Managers and Medical Staff

The RE-U-ZIP system's versatility, reliability, cost-efficiency, and unparalleled functionality provide unique containment solutions for healthcare facilities. Whether creating isolation rooms or simply doing renovation or construction in these critical environments where protection from dust and debris is imperative, RE-U-ZIP products empower you with solutions not possible with dust containment systems.

RE-U-ZIP's patented Magnetic Entry Strip™ holds over 5 pa of negative-air pressure, making it a breakthrough solution for healthcare facilities who desire a hands-free barrier entry solution with touch-point reduction and a reliable hold in these critical environments. (See Magnetic Entry Strip)

The Magnetic Entry Strip enables you to create an opening in any size, shape, or material barrier of your choosing, providing versatility and customization not possible with any other hands-free entry system. They are ideal for patient rooms, open hallways, or even spaces with challenging architecture encumbered by equipment or other obstacles.

A never-seen-before solution that the RE-U-ZIP system provides is that Two Magnetic Entry Strips can be next to each other to create a Magnetic Flap Door that allows for easy passage of gurneys wheelchairs, and equipment. (Magnetic Flap Door Kit)

Our Cut-to-Size, Ultra-Clear, Fire-Rated Barrier Panels provide the durability and visibility that has been sought after by healthcare practitioners. When paired with our Magnetic Entry Strips, this combination creates a self-closing barrier solution that is unbeatable in functionality, reliability, and aesthetics. (See Ultra-Clear Magnetic Door Kit)

Where a zippered entry solution is required, the RE-U-ZIP Dust Barrier Zippers' separation and break-resistant design provide a higher level of reliability than any other zippered barrier entry system. On long-term construction projects, RE-U-ZIP's heavy-duty dust barrier zippers hold up to the demands of the worksite. Additionally, our dust barrier zippers incorporate a one-of-a-kind locking feature. This feature has proven helpful for executing safe sanitization procedures on the enclosed site, lock-out-tag out protocols, or establishing a chain-of color-command when multiple parties are involved in a projection.

Several major healthcare organizations that have started adopting our solutions include:

Cedars Sinai, Orlando Health, Advent Health, Dignity Health, University Health, Kaiser Permanente, Stuart Medical, Health First, HCA, U.S. Veteran Affairs, and U.S. Military