OSHA Class III Asbestos O&M Training | RE-U-ZIP Self-Closing Decon Chamber


OSHA Class III Asbestos O&M

AcadiaSafe "Academy of Safety" is training its clients with RE-U-ZIP products to empower them with the most innovative tools and advanced containment techniques for today’s critical environments. 


Self-Closing Decon Chamber Utilizing

RE-U-ZIP™ Magnetic Entry Strip


"I am helping to establish procedures for my clients to work around asbestos when they are upgrading, or fixing building systems.  Part of this involves mini containment systems of PVC or tension poles.  I am using RE-U-ZIP Magnetic Entry Strips and Dust Barrier Zippers for the containment access points." - Gio Fanelli (Training Director- AcadiaSafe)

Advanced Containment Techniques Enabled by RE-U-ZIP Dust Barrier Solutions:

❇️  Negative-Air Resistant Magnetic Flap Door and Magnetic Double Flap Doors

❇️  Lockout Tagout Protocols Utilizing   Zipper’s Unique Locking Feature

❇️  Interchangeability from Lockable Zipper to Self-Closing Magnetic Entry Strip

❇️. Cut-to-Size, Ultra-Clear Magnetic Door Setups for Open Concept Architecture 


Learn more about how were are advancing dust containment techniques at www.reuzip.com or more about our educational partner, ACADISAFE, at acadisafe.com

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