RE-U-ZIP™ Solutions for Safer Stairwell Access

RE-U-ZIP™ Solutions for Safer Stairwell Access

Stairwell Safety


⚠️ Are you still using conventional dust barrier zippers for stairwell containments? ⚠️  You must be trippin'!  👷🏼‍♂️👞 💥

RE-U-ZIP™ (Cut-To-Size) Magnetic Door Kits give you the versatility to tailor the size and shape of a self-closing magnetic door, even for irregularly shaped stairwells. But more importantly, it is a safer option than conventional dust barrier zippers that may pose a trip hazard, especially when a contractor's hands are full. 

With its reliable hold (5 pa+ of air pressure), high visibility, and fire resistance, this solution is ideal for today's critical environments.  

Keep your job site and colleagues safe and secure with RE-U-ZIP Innovative Dust Barrier Solutions. 


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