RE-U-ZIP Greenhouse Entry Upgrade Solutions



RE-U-ZIP Greenhouse Entry Solution


This video shows how Joe Hundley, a greenhouse enthusiast, and innovator utilizes the unique capabilities of the RE-U-ZIP Magnetic Entry Strip and Dust Barrier Zipper to equip his outdoor greenhouse fro with improved utility. 

Breakdown of Joe's Configuration:

🪴RE-U-ZIP Magnetic Entry Strip Inside the Barrier Entry Point 

Provides him with self-closing, hands-free barrier access during work on his plants 

🪴RE-U-ZIP Reusable Dust Barrier Zipper Outside the Barrier Entry Point 

Provides Joe with the option to engage a layer of protection against heavy wind gusts💨 

Great work, Joe! #greenthumb


RE-U-ZIP Dust Barrier Entry System  Starter Kit



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