RE-U-ZIP +Magnetic Entry Strip - A Unique Solution for a Challenging Time

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Re-U-Zip +Magnetic

The HIR staff met the principles of this new company at the 2020 International Builders’s Show in Las Vegas. At the time, we thought Re-U-Zip’s magnetic self-closing strips offered a promising new upgrade for traditional dust-barrier systems. And we thought that before the Coronavirus pandemic had taken hold in the U.S. In light of the last few months, the new system seems smarter than ever. Professionals ranging from healthcare workers and dentists to tradesmen and construction workers are looking for solutions that can protect individuals from contamination, therefore protecting their health. Re-U-Zip’s self-closing strips not only allow for hands-free entry, but they work with any custom-sized barrier. Irregular architecture, small or extra-large doorways, and even the lack of door frames does not stop Re-U-Zip +Magnetic from creating self-closing barriers for your workspace. Visit

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