Servpro National Conference 2022 | RE-U-ZIP™ Dust Containment Evolved.™

Thank you to all the Servpro franchisees who came to visit our booth!  We were pleasantly overwhelmed by the response. What a class act you guys are at an individual and corporate level! 
Servpro National Conference 2022 | RE-U-ZIP Innovative Dust Barrier Solutions
RE-U-ZIP is proud to supply Servpro with next-generation containment solutions that increase their project efficiency while enabling them to solve problems for the clients that no other containment system can!
Born out of the restoration industry, RE-U-ZIP’s solutions are designed for critical barriers.  The restoration industry had been stuck with containment solutions designed for general dust control (ie remodeling).  These come with major limitations and are unsuitable for the critical environments we face.  RE-U-ZIP's mission is to provide the restoration industry solutions with greater reliability, efficiency, and versatility.
Thank you to the leaders at Servpro who recognized this and embraced us from our humble beginnings!
Kanna and Ramu Sunkara | Co-Founders 
RE-U-ZIP | Innovative Dust Barrier Solutions
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