The Magnetic Double Flap Door

The Magnetic Double Flap Door

Advanced Containment Technique: Magnetic Flap & Double Flap Doors


This video demonstrates how one, two, or three RE-U-ZIP Magnetic Entry Strips can be used to tailor containment barrier entry options for the particular needs of your project. Improve your project efficiency with one these great options:

🤓ONE MAGNETIC ENTRY STRIP: Creates a self-closing opening in any poly barrier

✅Center or Offset as Needed
✅ Negative Air Resistant
✅ Stairwell Containment Safety 
✅ Versatile Self-Closing Option for Open Concept Architecture 

😮TWO MAGNETIC ENTRY STRIPS: Magnetic (Single) Flap Door

 ✅ Create a fully customized Flap Door in your desired sizing
 ✅ Great for Equipment, Gurney Access, Wheelchair Access 
✅ Maximizes Access for Narrow Passage Ways 


✅Simultaneous Ingress/Egress
✅ Healthcare Facilities Clean Rooms/Corridors 
✅ Increased Safety for High Traffic Entry Points
✅ Great for Equipment, Gurney Access, Wheelchair Access

🙌🏽We love the Magnetic Double Flap Door setup as it provides the functionality of all three options at once. 🙌🏽

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