Visit Us at the ASHE National Healthcare Conference (Booth #1303) | RE-U-ZIP® | Designed for Critical Environments™

STOP Using Poor Quality, Unreliable Dust Containment Solutions for Your Critical Environments!

Visit Us at the ASHE National Conference San Antonio, TX ( Booth #1303) to learn about our Innovative Dust Containment Solutions that are specifically Designed for Critical Environments™.

RE-U-ZIP® is revolutionizing dust containment with cutting-edge solutions that enhance project efficiency, safety, reliability, profitability, functionality, and convenience.

Our portfolio of patented solutions includes the Lockable & Reusable Dust Barrier Zipper, the Negative-Air Resistant Magnetic Entry Strip™, and highly customizable Ultra-Clear Dust Barrier Door Kits.

Our solutions are distinct from disposable alternatives designed for general dust control. They are widely recognized for their outstanding quality and reusability, which guarantee superior reliability and functionality even in critical environments.

In addition, our solutions enable unique containment techniques. With our dust barrier zipper's lockable safety feature, we effectively deter unwanted entry into your containment area. We also enable the creation of fully customized magnet flap doors, which provide convenient access for gurneys and large equipment. Additionally, the unique ability to switch seamlessly from a Lockable Dust Barrier Zipper to a Magnetic Entry Strip™ mid-project offers unparalleled flexibility, functionality, and safeguards.

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