Innovative Contractor Tools to Optimize Your Barrier Entry

At RE-U-ZIP, all our products are built using our first-hand experience in the construction industry and the input of contractors like you.

The result? A line of cost-effective, efficiency-boosting barrier entry systems that make daily operations easier for construction and remediation contractors while boosting the bottom line on your projects.

Lower Costs and Improve Efficiency

We offer two great containment barrier entry systems - zippered and magnetized. Whichever you choose, you get a durable, reusable and eco-friendly product that helps improve the efficiency of your project.

RE-U-ZIP™ Reusable Dust Barrier Zipper


The RE-U-ZIP reusable dust barrier zipper is a superior quality, cost-effective, and more eco-friendly solution for all your barrier entry needs.  Utilizing a simple yet innovative hook and loop design, your dust barrier zipper can now be easily attached, adjusted, removed, and reused at a fraction of the cost of disposable zippers.

Our unique lockable design reduces potential for liability and job site tampering, increases efficiency, and allows for a chain of custody.  The removable and jam resistant features reduce downtime related to broken or jammed zippers. 


100% high grade adhesive = contact area greatly improves reliability and reduces the risk of unwanted detachment from your containment.  Environmental impact from solid waste produced are nearly half that of similar products.

RE-U-ZIP Zipper Features

  • High quality nylon 7 gage reusable zipper (2"x80"​)
  • Durable design intended for the construction industry
  • Fractional operating cost compared to similar products
  • Fast and easy install, adjustment, removal, and replacement
  • No special tools needed
  • Jam resistant design
  • 100% adhesive backed mounting strips for a solid grip
  • Produces significantly less waste compared to disposable zippers
  • Easy roll up and storage
  • Machine washable
  • US patented design
  • Lockable
  • Writable info tag for tracking 

RE-U-ZIP +Magnetic


The RE-U-ZIP +Magnetic takes the RE-U-ZIP system to the next level by turning any plastic dust barrier into a self-closing entryway utilizing the same mounting strips as our zippers.   The self-closing entry can be installed in minutes and saves time and effort versus traditional dust barrier zippers.  Its affordability compared to other self-closing products makes it’s a truly viable option for contractors.  Its compact, simple design is convenient for transport and storage.   The RE-U-ZIP +Magnetic can also be interchanged with our zippers mid project depending on your evolving needs.

RE-U-ZIP +Magnetic Features

  • Durable design intended for construction industry use
  • Significantly lower cost than comparable products
  • Quick and easy install, adjustment, removal
  • No poles or special tools required
  • Compact design for easy roll up and storage
  • 100% adhesive backed mounting strips for a solid grip
  • Interchangeable with RE-U-ZIP Zipper
  • Patented design
  • Writable info tag for tracking