We offer two time and money saving dust barrier entry solutions.  Utilizing an innovative hook & loop system, our lockable and reusable RE-U-ZIP™ Dust Barrier Zipper seamlessly interchanges with our self-closing +Magnetic Entry Strip™ creating a barrier entry system that delivers unbeatable functionality and value.

Whichever RE-U-ZIP entry solution you are using, you will benefit from a high-functioning, reliable, reusable, and eco-friendly product that will improve the efficiency of your project. 




We have eliminated all major pain points commonly experienced with disposable dust barrier zippers. The RE-U-ZIP Dust Barrier Zipper is designed to be reusable, jam-proof, and break-resistant. It utilizes a simple yet innovative hook & loop design, so you can now easily attach, adjust, remove, and reuse your dust barrier zipper at a fraction of the cost of disposable zippers. Our 7-gauge zipper provides a high level of break-resistance, and the 100% high-grade adhesive coverage greatly improves reliability and reduces the risk of unwanted detachment from your containment. Additionally, the environmental effects of solid waste produced is nearly half that of similar products.


Our unique lockable design reduces the potential for liability and job site tampering, increases efficiency, and allows for a chain of custody. 



The RE-U-ZIP +Magnetic Entry Strip takes our system to the next level by allowing the user to create a self-closing opening in any poly barrier. You can create this self-closing entry in just minutes, saving considerable time and effort in high-traffic areas. Its lower price point compared to that of other self-closing products makes our self-closing entry a truly viable new standard for contractors. Its compact, simple design is convenient for transport and storage. 

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