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RE-U-ZIP™ Dust Barrier Entry System | Pro Bundle

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Increase Your Project Efficiency!

Quickly and affordably create multiple containment entry points for large projects using RE-U-ZIP Reusable Dust Barrier Zippers. Enjoy the convenience and time savings of the self-closing RE-U-ZIP Magnetic Entry Strip in high-traffic areas. These solutions' reliability, reusability, and versatility are guaranteed to give your project's bottom line a boost!

Pro Tip: Our innovative hook & loop system gives you the unique ability to switch between using RE-U-ZIP's lockable & reusable dust barrier zippers to the self-closing Magnetic Entry Strip, or vice versa, depending on the evolving needs of your project! 


RE-U-ZIP™ Dust Barrier Entry System | Pro Bundle

This bundle for professional contractors includes:

RE-U-ZIP™ Magnetic Entry Strip (SKU: MSCBE)  

RE-U-ZIP™ Reusable Dust Barrier Zipper | Pro Bundle (SKU: RUZCBO,G,Y,B,R) 

Total Contents: 

1 x Reusable Magnetic Entry Strip (Dimensions: 80" x 2.25")
6 x Reusable Dust Barrier Zippers  (Zipper Dimensions: 80" x 2")
16 x Disposable Mounting Strips (Optimal adhesive range: 59-150F / 15-65C)
1 x Magnetic Entry Strip Carry Bag
1 x Dust Barrier Zipper Carry Case 
12 x Zip Ties


RE-U-ZIP™ Dust Barrier Entry System | Pro Bundle for Construction, Remmediation, Remodeling & More 

RE-U-ZIP™ Magnetic Entry Strip


✅ Reliably Holds Over 5 Pa of Air Pressure!
✅ Customize Door Size and Barrier Material
✅ Tension Poles Not Required  
✅ Low Cost vs. Pre-Fab Magnetic Doors
✅ Easily Handles High Traffic
✅ Compact Design For Easy Storage
✅ Interchanges with RE-U-ZIP™ Dust Barrier Zippers

NO MORE CONSTRAINTS  Unlike other self-closing dust barrier products that have a fixed barrier size and material, the Magnetic Dust Barrier Entry Strip™ lets you create a hands-free, self-closing opening in the plastic barrier of your choice! You can now create a fully customized, self-closing magnetic door that fits the unique needs of your project.
NEGATIVE-AIR PRESSURE With the RE-U-ZIP™ Magnetic Entry Strip's ability to maintain a reliable seal over 5 Pa of air pressure, it is a viable new standard for contractors desiring a self-closing entry option for critical dust barriers. 
SAVE TIME AND MONEY In addition to increased job site efficiency, the RE-U-ZIP™ Magnetic Entry Strip's upfront cost, as well as setup time, is significantly lower than that of traditional pre-fabricated door kits.  Utilizing RE-U-ZIP's low-cost Mounting Strips™, the Magnetic Entry Strip™ continues to increase project efficiency from one job site to the next.
OPEN NEW DOORS One of many unique containment techniques enabled by the RE-U-ZIP™ system is creating a Magnetic Flap Door using two RE-U-ZIP™ Magnetic Entry Strips side by side. This configuration is helpful for sizeable equipment access or maximizing access on very narrow passageways.

Start enjoying increased project efficiency with the convenience of hands-free job site access today!   


RE-U-ZIP™ Reusable Dust Barrier Zipper | Pro Bundle  


✅ Cost-Effective 
✅ Jam and Break Resistant
✅ Reliable Grip (Full Coverage; Premium Adhesive)
✅ Lightweight Collapsible Carry Case 
✅ Convenient to Keep Track of Your Zippers
✅ Choose from 5 Vibrant Colors 
✅ Locking Feature (Deter Unwanted Entry)
✅ Quick and Easy Install
✅ Machine Washable
✅ Reusable
✅ Designed for Critical Barriers™


With the RE-U-ZIP™ Reusable Dust Barrier Zipper's innovative hook & loop system, we have eliminated all major pain points associated with single-use disposable dust barrier zippers. Designed to be reusable for increased cost-efficiency, jam resistance, separation resistance, and break resistance, your dust barrier zipper is now a valuable tool! 

PEEL. SAVE. REUSE.™  Easily attach, adjust, remove, and reuse your dust barrier zipper at a fraction of the cost of disposable zippers.  Purchase our low-cost Mounting Strips™ to reuse your RE-U-ZIP™ Dust Barrier Zippers multiple times. Additionally,  the environmental effects of solid waste produced are nearly half that of disposable zipper options. 

RELIABILITY IS BUILT-IN Our heavy-duty 7-gauge zipper provides a high level of break resistance.   Full coverage; premium adhesive backing of the Mounting Strips™ dramatically reduces the risk of unwanted detachment from your dust barrier. The two-layer system also keeps your plastic sheeting out of the path of the zipper teeth, significantly reducing the possibility of zipper jam In addition, a scored cut-guide helps you create your opening with precision and ease. 

LOCKOUT TAGOUT Our unique lockable design reduces liability and job site tampering potential while allowing chain-of-custody protocols. (RE-U-ZIP™ Dust Barrier Zipper Cable Locks sold separately

ECO-FRIENDLY The environmental effects of solid waste produced are nearly half that of disposable dust barrier zipper options.



We are so confident that you will never return to your old dust barrier zipper that we offer a 90-day money-back guarantee.