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RE-U-ZIP™ Hook & Loop Fastener Strips

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Easily Attach, Remove, and Reuse Your Dust Barrier. Use them to connect multiple panels or sheeting for larger enclosures! 


 RE-U-ZIP™ Hook & Loop Dust Barrier Fastener Strips 

✅ Reliable 1" x 24ft Hook & Loop Tape
✅ Simple Peel & Stick Application
✅ Easily Attach, Adjust, Reuse Your Barrier
✅ Frame Irregular Shaped Openings for Barrier Attachment
Conjoin Several Barrier Panels to Create Barrier Walls
✅ Reliable Adhesion Ideal for Prolonged Use
✅ White for Neutral Aesthetic

RE-U-ZIP™ Hook & Loop Dust Barrier Fastener Strips provide a convenient and functional way to frame out the entryway to which you wish to affix your barrier. These peel & stick adhesive hook & loop strips have a reliable grip for prolonged use of a dust barrier. They also allow for the easy attachment, adjustment, and reuse of your dust barrier. Use them with our Ultra-Clear Barrier Panels or our Semi-Clear Poly Sheeting 


24' Adhesive Loop Tape  +  24' Adhesive Hook Tape



Use RE-U-ZIP™ Hook & Loop Dust Barrier Fastener Strips to conjoin several barrier panels to create custom-sized barrier walls.  This is ideal for use in hallways or other expansive areas.