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RE-U-ZIP™ Hook & Loop Dust Barrier Kit

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Need an easy way to enclose small or large openings with a high-quality, high visibility dust barrier panel?


RE-U-ZIP™ Hook & Loop Dust Barrier Kit


✅ Reusable, Cut-To-Size (5'x9' or 7'x 2') 
✅ Ultra-Clear & Fire-Rated NFPA-701
✅ Premium Quality 16Mil VInyl
✅ Reliable Hook & Loop Adhesive Tape
✅ Easily Attach, Adjust, and Reuse 
✅ White Fasteners for Neutral Aesthetic
✅ Easily Wipes Clean

Choose between a 5x9 ft or 7x12 ft Barrier Panel and cut to the size of your needs.  Attach it to your opening utilizing our reliable RE-U-ZIP™ Hook & Loop Fastener Strips™.   Your customized barrier provides fire resistance, high visibility, durability, a reliable hold, and the option to adjust, remove, and reuse it!  





RE-U-ZIP™ Hook & Loop Fastener Strips™ provide for easy attachment, adjustment, and reuse of your dust barrier panel from one job site to the next. 


Create a Barrier Wall

Use RE-U-ZIP™ Fastener Strips to conjoin several barrier panels to create custom-sized barrier walls.  This is ideal for use in hallways or other expansive areas. 

Removing Crease Lines in Barrier Panel

For an extra clean look, consider using a hand-held garment steamer, hairdryer, or iron.  When using an iron start on low heat and increase as needed. Do not iron directly onto vinyl. Place a bedsheet or a similar type of cloth over the barrier and then apply heat to the protective layer.