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RE-U-ZIP™ Hook & Loop Dust Barrier Kit

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Need an easy way to enclose small or large openings with a high-quality, high-visibility dust barrier panel?


RE-U-ZIP™ Hook & Loop Dust Barrier Kit


✅ Reusable, Cut-To-Size (5'x9' or 7'x 2') 
✅ Ultra-Clear & Fire-Rated NFPA-701
✅ Premium Quality 12 Mil Vinyl
✅ Reliable Hook & Loop Adhesive Tape
✅ Easily Attach, Adjust, and Reuse 
✅ White Fasteners for Neutral Aesthetic
✅ Easily Wipes Clean

Choose between a 5x9 ft or 7x12 ft Barrier Panel and cut to the size of your needs.  Attach it to your opening utilizing our reliable RE-U-ZIP™ Hook & Loop Fastener Strips™.   Your customized barrier provides fire resistance, high visibility, durability, a reliable hold, and the option to adjust, remove, and reuse it!  





RE-U-ZIP™ Hook & Loop Fastener Strips™ provide easy attachment, adjustment, and reuse of your dust barrier panel from one job site to the next. 


Create a Barrier Wall

Use RE-U-ZIP™ Fastener Strips to conjoin several barrier panels to create custom-sized barrier walls.  This is ideal for use in hallways or other expansive areas. 

Removing Crease Lines in Barrier Panel

Consider using a hand-held garment steamer, hairdryer, or iron for an extra clean look.  When using an iron, start on low heat and increase it as needed. Do not iron directly onto vinyl. Place a bedsheet barrier and then apply heat to the protective layer.