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A reliable and cost-effective way to create multiple dust barrier entry points 

RE-U-ZIP™ Reusable Dust Barrier Zipper Bundle | 12-Pack

Patented Hook & Loop System 

(Contents: 6 Zippers + 12 Mounting Strips)



✅ Reusable and Cost-Effective
✅ Designed for Critical Barriers
✅ Jam and Break Resistant 
✅ Reliable Adhesive Grip 
✅ Quick and Easy Install
✅ Lockable Safety Feature 
✅ Machine Washable
✅ Choose from 5 Vibrant Colors 


With the RE-U-ZIP™ Dust Barrier Zipper's innovative hook & loop system, we have eliminated all major pain points associated with single-use disposable dust barrier zippers. Designed for increased cost-efficiency, jam resistance, separation resistance, and break resistance, your dust barrier zipper is now a valuable reusable tool! 

PEEL. SAVE. REUSE.™  Easily attach, adjust, remove, and reuse your dust barrier zipper at a fraction of the cost of disposable zippers.  Purchase our low-cost Mounting Strips™ to reuse your RE-U-ZIP™ Dust Barrier Zippers multiple times. Additionally,  the environmental effects of solid waste produced are nearly half that of disposable zipper options. 

RELIABILITY IS BUILT-IN Our heavy-duty 7-gauge zipper provides a high level of break resistance.   Full coverage; premium adhesive backing of the Mounting Strips™ dramatically reduces the risk of unwanted detachment from your dust barrier. The two-layer system also keeps your plastic sheeting out of the path of the zipper teeth, significantly reducing the possibility of zipper jam In addition, a scored cut-guide helps you create your opening with precision and ease. 

LOCKOUT TAGOUT Our unique lockable design reduces liability and job site tampering potential while allowing chain-of-custody protocols. 

ECO-FRIENDLY The environmental effects of solid waste produced are nearly half that of disposable dust barrier zipper options.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!

We are so confident you will never return to your old dust barrier zipper that we offer a 90-day money-back guarantee.


12 x Reusable Dust Barrier Zippers
12 x Mounting Strip Re-Fills™

(Zipper Dimensions: 80" x 2")
(Optimal adhesive operating range: 59-150F / 15-65C) 

RE-U-ZIP™ Reusable Dust Barrier Zipper Installation Guide