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Using two RE-U-ZIP® Magnetic Entry Strips side-by-side allows for the execution of a unique magnetic flap door! Enjoy the benefits of self-closing action with easy access to transport large equipment in and out of your job site.


RE-U-ZIP® Magnetic Flap Door Kit 


🟧 Reusable, Cut-to-Size Barrier (5 x 9 ft)
🟧 Ultra-Clear & Flame Retardant NFPA-701
🟧 Durable 12 Mil Premium Vinyl
🟧 Customizable Width Flap
🟧 Useful for Large Equipment Access
🟧 Reliable Seal Holds Over 5 Pascals of Air Pressure
🟧 Reliable Fastener Strips Work with Irregular Openings
🟧 Easily Wipes Clean



CUSTOMIZE Our Ultra-Clear Dust Barrier Panel can be cut to your desired size and shape. Attach the RE-U-ZIP® Magnetic Entry Strips™ anywhere on your barrier at your desired distance apart from each other to create your optimal size flap opening. 

VERSATILITY & REUSE Our Hook & Loop Fastener Strips provide easy attachment and adjustment of your dust barrier panel, along with the ability to work around irregular or challenging architecture. They also provide convenient detachment and reuse of your barrier panel from one project to the next.

VISIBILITY & SAFETY  RE-U-ZIP® Barriers Panels are Ultra-Clear and Fire-Rated NFPA-701 giving you high visibility and fire resistance safety on your job site. 

FUNCTIONALITY  Your customized door provides fire resistance, high visibility, large equipment access, durability for high-traffic areas, a reliable hold under negative-air pressure, and the option to adjust, remove, and reuse it! 



1 x Ultra-Clear Barrier Panel 
2 x Magnetic Entry Strip™(Dimensions: 80" x 2.25")
3 x Mounting Strips (Optimal adhesive operating range: 59-150F / 15-65C)
1 x Fastener Strips (24" Hook + 24'' Loop )  *2 included for 7x12 size*



RE-U-ZIP® Hook & Loop Fastener Strips™ provide for easy attachment, adjustment, and reuse of your dust barrier panel from one job site to the next. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Jonathan Deason
Great for Construction Dust Control

I used this during a project where the tenant was still in the space as we renovated. They had a room they needed access to in the area we were renovating and this allowed them see what was on the other side of the dust barrier before entering and exiting the space. The magnetic door kit paired with a negative air machine worked excellently. The instructions, while not necessary, did have good tips to get the best out of the installation. The magnetic door kit opens and closes well and can be reused with new hook and loop tapes.

Christian Maggio
Great Product!!

I’m in the restoration business and these are the best. No more expensive zippers! These last long and very easy to install.

Looks good, but quality is really lacking

The product looks okay, but adhesion of the velcro is not good at all. We had to reinforce with staples. Also, followed instructions very carefully, after 2 weeks, there is a tear above the magnet meet point, going horizontally.Not very impressed with that.

Joseph Mark Doyle
Innovative product!

I bought a couple of these direct from vendor. The magnetic closure is genius.

David Harding
Well designed, high-quality materials, easy to install

Used this for a remodel project in our office. We needed to keep an adjacent product storage room dust-free, but weren't sure this would do the trick. It really exceeded our expectations. Installation was simple, all the pieces were durable and well designed, the magnetic closure worked like a charm. I'd recommend it in a heartbeat!