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Using two RE-U-ZIP™ Magnetic Entry Strips side-by-side allows for the execution of a unique magnetic flap door! Enjoy the benefits of self-closing action with the ability to fold up and hold open your flap for the transport of large equipment in and out of your job site with ease.


RE-U-ZIP™ Magnetic Flap Door Kit 


Reusable, Cut-to-Size Barrier (5x9 or 7x12 Ft)
✅ Self-Closing and Holds Over 5 Pa of Air Pressure
✅ Ultra-Clear & Fire-Rated NFPA-701
✅ Does Not Require Tension Poles
✅ Customizable Width Flap
✅ Useful for Large Equipment Access
✅ Reliable Fastener Strips Work with Irregular Openings 
✅ Fastener Tabs™ Conveniently Hold Open Flap
✅ Easily Wipes Clean


Free Yourself from the Limits of One-Size-Fit All Dust Barrier Doors

CUSTOMIZE Start with our 5'x9' or 7'x12' dust barrier panel size and cut to your desired size and shape. Attach RE-U-ZIP™ Dust Barrier Zippers or self-closing Magnetic Entry Strips™, depending on your project's needs.  Use more than one entry product to create Magnetic Flap Doors or Roll-Up Zipper Doors.  

VERSATILITY Our Hook & Loop Fastener Strips provide easy attachment and adjustment of your dust barrier panel, along with the ability to work around irregular or challenging architecture.  In addition to a traditional centered dust barrier entry point, you can offset your entry points to accommodate the unique constraints of a job site's entryway. 

INTERCHANGE Our hook & loop system enables you to switch between a lockable RE-U-ZIP™ Dust Barrier Zipper and a self-closing RE-U-ZIP™ Magnetic Entry Strip depending on the evolving needs of your project.

VISIBILITY & SAFETY Fire-rated barrier options are often of milky transparency or solid white.  RE-U-ZIP™ Barriers Panels are Ultra-Clear and Fire-Rated NFPA-701 giving you high visibility and fire resistance on your job site. 

REUSE Our Hook & Loop Fastener Strips provide easy attachment, adjustment, and reuse of your barrier panel from one job site to the next. 

CUSTOMIZE Apply the RE-U-ZIP™ Magnetic Entry Strip to your Barrier Panel at your desired location. Center or offset depending on your job site's requirements. 

FUNCTIONALITY  Your customized door provides fire resistance, high visibility, large equipment access, durability for high-traffic areas, a reliable hold under negative-air pressure, and the option to adjust, remove, and reuse it!  


1 x Barrier Panel (5'x9' or 7'x12') 
2 x Magnetic Entry Strips
8 x Mounting Strips 
1 x Fastener Strips (24" Hook + 24'' Loop )  *2 included for larger size



RE-U-ZIP™ Hook & Loop Fastener Strips™ provide for easy attachment, adjustment, and reuse of your dust barrier panel from one job site to the next.